History of DisklessWorkstations.com

DisklessWorkstations.com began along side the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP). The founders of both DisklessWorkstations.com developed and brought to market the ability to use Linux as a terminal server, capable of delivering a GUI (desktop and applications) over a local area network connection.

The first diskless workstation, called the Jammin 50 was created by assembling desktop PC hardware without the hard drive. Along with selling bootable network cards DisklessWorkstations.com has expanded upon the "Diskless" desktop PC ever since. Today, DisklessWorkstations.com ships the latest and greatest in Diskless Workstation or Thin Client hardware. Always fanless with no moving parts for long life.

To date, DisklessWorkstations.com has served customers in every market vertical imaginable, enabling them to deploy or offer a thin client solution driven by LTSP. LTSP is now formally integrated into many popular Linux and open source operating systems and used worldwide. DisklessWorkstations.com will continue to develop, deploy, and support thin client and diskless workstation solutions.

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