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Linux Terminal Server Solutions

Linux Terminal Server Solutions are customizable, flexible, and robust. Designed to run Diskless Workstations, our solutions are capable of delivering a variety of desktop environments utilizing RDP, LTSP, VDI, and other client-server software solutions.

Linux Desktops

Standard LTSP Deployment

Standard LTSP Configuration
Linux Desktop Environment
Applications on LTSP Server

Windows Desktops

LTSP Windows RDP Deployment

Windows Desktop Environment
Remote Desktop / RemoteApp
LTSP Delivers RDP Session

Virtual Desktops

LTSP VDI Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktop Enviroment
Local and Virtual Applications
LTSP Delivers VDI Session

Founded in 1999 by DisklessWorkstations.com, LTSP (the Linux Terminal Server Project) adds Thin Client support to Linux servers. Thin clients boot over a LAN (local area network) connection and stream an operating system over the network from a Linux Terminal Server. LTSP is used worldwide by organizations of all sizes from Schools to Fortune 500 companies. LTSP can be used to serve an operating system to thin clients in quantities of just a few, to tens of thousands of devices. LTSP is integrated into many Linux operating systems (ex: CentOS and Ubuntu).

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