Thin Client Computing Solutions

The Thin Client Computing market is going through a transformative shift driven by Cloud Computing, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), SaaS, and Web Applications. Thin Client Computing Solutions from DisklessWorkstations.com are designed to support Cloud, VDI, and Web via efficient operating systems running on thin client hardware. Our humble beginnings included creating and developing LTSP (the Linux Terminal Server Project). With over a decade of experience consulting, deploying, managing, and supporting Thin Client Computing in enterprises, education, government, and SMBs, we are uniquely positioned to provide robust and reliable thin client computing solutions.

Customer Spotlight

Enterprise Thin Client Solutions

A Fortune 500 company deployed LTSP to run Thin Clients. The company saved a significant amount compared to traditional desktop deployments.
Thin Clients: 17,000+
Servers: 1,800+

Thin Clients in the Enterprise
Thin Clients in Healthcare

The first LTSP deployment in the world was at Binson's Home Health Care Centers in 1999. With 400 Thin Clients across multiple locations, LTSP and Thin Clients are at the core of their cost effective IT strategy.

Thin Clients in Healthcare
Thin Client Resellers

A National Pharmacy Software Solution Provider deploys hundreds of thin clients per year to their clients. Citing reliability and reduced support requirements LTSP has played a key role in company growth.

Thin Clients Solutions

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