LTSP Support

Since 1999, we've provided support for organizations of all sizes. From schools to businesses through government, we have the experience you need. We support LTSP, Linux, Linux Terminal Server Project, and all associated software packages and solutions you might be considering integrating.

Who's Using LTSP?

A Top 3 Automotive Manufacturer
Pharmaceutical Software Provider
Financial Services Firm
Call Centers (Small and Large)
National Auto Parts Retailer
and many more ...

LTSP Support

Hourly Support

Bug Fixes
Feature Requests
General Consulting
Hardware Support
Issue Resolution
Remote Assitance
Remote Training

Scheduled in Advance

$150+ USD / Hour
Depends Upon Request
Emergency / Critical
Support Available

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Project Support

Application Testing
Complete Environment Design
Custom Desktop Environment
Custom LTSP Solutions
Integration for:
- Authentication
- Network File Storage
- Other Servers / Services
Network Architecture Design
On-site Installation
Server Build, Spec, Test
Solution Design

Scheduled as Deliverable(s)

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Managed Support

Backup Service
Complete Solution Management
Environment Versioning
Remote Monitoring
Remote Maintenance
Service Level Agreement
Software Updates

Support Availability:
- Standard (8x5 EST)
- Extended (8x5 Your Timezone)
- Premier (24/7)

Support For:
- Standard LTSP
- Customized Solutions

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