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Design & Spec

How many thin clients? Running remote or local applications? How much memory do I need? Let us do the thinking, ensuring you make the best investment possible.

Infrastructure & Network

Load balancing? Backup Solution? User Management? Application Servers? We help you understand how it all fits your network.

Configure, Ship, Build

Love that new computer smell? Our server partners build it, we install all the software, and ship it to your door, ready for immediate deployment.

Deploy, Integrate, Support

Looking for more? We've helped clients deploy thin clients and servers. We've integrated other network components with the server and remotely supported the entire solution.

Thin Client Servers

Thin Client Server design is the most important aspect of any thin client deployment project. Knowing the servers role in solution performance, we design thin client servers with great attention to detail. Since 1999, we've been listening to how customers operate their network, and helping them make thin clients a good fit. We design thin client servers to deliver both Linux and Windows operating systems in both local and wide area network solutions.

Contact us about your project today. We'll review your goals, give you our best advice, and help make your thin client deployment successful.

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