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2X Thin Clients

Thin Clients from DisklessWorkstations.com are used by customers deploying solutions based on 2X, LTSP, DRBL, and other diskless thin client solutions.

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Thin Clients

1600 Series Thin Clients 1900 Series Thin Clients
1600 Series Thin Clients
1900 Series Thin Clients
Thin Client Software Support

LTSP 5.x

1600 Thin Client LTSP 1900 LTSP Thin Clients

iPXE / gPXE / Etherboot

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Embedded Thin Client OS

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Thin Client Hardware Specifications


1.6 GHz Intel Atom Intel Dual Core 1.86GHz




Intel GMA 950 (DVI) Intel DVMT - 386MB
(DVI-D + DVI-I, VGA with Adapter)


Internal 1W Speaker
Line Out, Mic In
Internal 1W Speaker
Line Out, Mic In

Peak Energy Use

14 Watts 14 Watts

VESA Mounting (Monitor)

1600 Thin Client LTSP -


1 Year Standard 1 Year Standard
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DisklessWorkstations.com Thin Clients Support:
LTSP 5.x, PXE and iPXE, Debian-based OS's, RHEL-based OS's, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and more.

Please Contact A Sales Representative With Any Questions About Thin Client Support.

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